How To Pack Efficiently

How to Pack Efficiently by Tiffany C.


Overpacking is a big problem that a lot of us travellers do. A common example is when you bring all of your swimsuits to a beach vacation even though you’re only going for 3 days. If this sounds like you, keep on reading to find out how to fix it. I will show you how to pack everything into a carry on luggage.


  1. Packing dividers

Packing dividers are a convenient way to organize your clothes and be efficient without making a mess. Another option could be to use vacuum sealing plastic bags if you don’t want to, or cannot, buy packing dividers.

2. Prioritize

If one of your troubles include having a carry-on that weighs too much, don’t bother packing extras. If you can’t even pack your basic necessities for a vacation then there is no point in packing more. If there is a laundry machine or laundromat near you then it is much better to repeatedly wash your clothes rather than pack too much. I also recommend packing clothes that don’t wrinkle easily because irons aren’t as accessible on vacation.  

3. 1 Piece of Clothing = 5 Different Outfits

For instance, a pair of jeans can be used to create outfits that can be dressed up or down. White t-shirts can be paired with just about anything. My favourite thing to do is to layer because you can change up basic shorts and t-shirts.


  1.   Rolling is better than folding

Rolling your clothes are better than folding them because it reduces the amount of wrinkles and saves a lot of space.


  1.   Bring or wear your thick clothes onto the plane

This will not only benefit you in a way that protects you from the blasting air conditioning on the plane, but also in a way that saves tons of space in your suitcase.


  1.   Saran wrap and cotton pads

It is very common for people’s toiletries to spill all over their baggage, so a small tip I have for you is to put saran wrap on the top of bottles before putting the lid on. This tip has saved me many times, and I bet it will save you too. Secondly, if you wear makeup, you may know that powders and any form of solid makeup can crack on a flight due to things being thrown around or the shakiness of the plane. If you put a cotton pad on the product before putting the lid on top, it will reduce the chances of it being cracked.


7. Mini tips

  • You shouldn’t pack your baggage entirely full because if you go shopping, you still need some space to fit any new purchases.
  • Also, if you need to curl or straighten your hair, but don’t have the room to pack both tools, just bring a straightening iron! This tool cannot only straighten hair but curl it as well.

I hope you all have a great summer. Safe travels, everyone!