I Am Fourteen by Mallory M., Rin Phoenix, and Ava M.

Rainy Day

I am fourteen

And my friends

Still dance with me

In the rain


I still sing and play

In the rain


Others sit indoors

Watching me

Judging me



I try to catch the water

As it falls

And the sky goes grey

In the rain


As they see me

Singing in the rain

Being outside

For no gain

Of mine


I’m out here because I can be

Because I feel free

In the rain


I may get wet

Or slip and fall

But what’s the point of staying inside

When the outdoors call

~ Ava M


My Pen Is Running Out of Ink

I am fourteen

And my pen is

Running out of



I am writing a poem

About sight

The first thing I

Interacted with

Was my pen

And my pen is

Running out of



My pen is

Quite old.

I found it sitting

At the bottom

Of my bag

And my pen is

Running out of


  • Rin Phoenix •


What The World is Now

I am fourteen,

And there are many things

In this world that are not at



Donald Trump is the president of the US,

North Korea is detonating bombs,

The UK is no longer part of the EU,

A force created to stop war, fighting, not



And now, the Middle East is torn up,

And the US is not helping,

And refugees are refused

As people they are not,

Stereotyped, feared, in some places,

And not respected or granted



But I am not the only fourteen-year-old,

And all of us have the ability

To change the world,

To accept the people who were forgotten,

To take steps, leaps into the future

Of hope, of life, of people, and of


– Mallory