Untitled by: Jess T.

Bang! The gunshot rings out in the air. I hear his footsteps and realize he is just two floors away. The footsteps come closer and closer. I know I need to get out of here but the door he is heading towards is the only exit. I frantically look around the dark, empty room and see an old bookcase built into the wall. It’s a longshot but it’s my only option. I immediately start pulling books off the shelves. I’m down to the last shelf when I hear the door handle turn. I look around, desperate for something to defend myself with. My eyes land on a knife. I quickly grab it just as the door opens. He walks in weaponless and closes the door. For a moment I am confused. I think to myself, “where did the gunshot come from?” Then I see his hand slowly reaching down into his pocket. I can see the faint outline of an object. I look at the knife in my hand and fling it, hoping it will hit him. He looks at me as it speeds towards him. The knife comes down, missing him by inches, and he takes off. We spend a while looking for him. How far could he have gone? A figure darts across the road and into an alley. I motion for my team to follow me and slowly creep towards where the figure dashed into. We reach the end of the alley to see him turning the corner. I split my team in two and direct one to go around the street while I get the other to follow me to the other end of the alley. We meet in the middle realizing he must have gone into one of the buildings. We stand there for a moment wondering what we should do. All of the sudden I see the slightest movement out of the corner of my eye. I motion for my team to follow me towards where I thought I had seen the movement come from. I slowly creep towards him and get a good look at him for the first time. As I do I realize it’s my best friend Mark. He frantically explains how he was just trying to get a book from the shelf in the room and thought I was trying to stop him. Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.