Urban Outfitters Nail Polish Review

   By, Tiffany Cheung

Today, I am writing about my favorite, underrated nail lacquer! Trust me, I’ve tried O.P.I., Essie, Sally Hansen and all of the ultra famous brands, but none of them beat these $6 cheap polishes from Urban Outfitters. Usually, when I do my own nails or get them done professionally they chip within 3 days. Especially, when I hit the pool, they can be chipped within an hour. But this nail polish is quite the one to stick on because mine have stayed unchipped for a week! They even gone longer with minor chipping and you only really need one thick coat! These polishes range from a variety of different types; matte, top coat, shiny and regular. I even managed to pick up a unicorn one! Why spend $20 on a cheap quality bottle of polish when you can get an even better $6 bottle instead? $6 may be their cheapest price but the highest is only $8! So the next time you decide you need to branch out on your colours or pick a couple up for a friend, pop by Urban Outfitters!