Elements: Part 1 by Rin Phoenix

Elements: Part 1 by Rin Phoenix


It’s a warm day today. Numerous elves are out in the forest and lake, bathing in the sun and swimming. The prince of Elves gazes down upon his kingdom, reminiscing of the old days when he was able to go down by the dock and just stare at the water without being cluttered by the citizens.

These people won’t leave me alone. Why? Well, I’m wanted all the time for advice. Secondly, according to everyone, my symmetrical face is “the most beautiful face that we’ve ever laid our eyes upon” according to my father, the king of Elves. Finally, people are always trying to kill me, or hold me for ransom. It’s rather ridiculous, seeing as I am still alive, even after 264 years.

I look down upon the crystalline lake. It’s beautiful from up here, but even more so up close. I just wish I could go down and not be crowded or have any attempted murders. All these ridiculous murder attempts that never work, I may as well do it myself, if it’s that bad. In the anger that boils up inside me, I throw myself over the balcony before the guards that are loitering around can stop me. It’s not like I’m going to die anyway.

I honestly know that I’m going to survive, because there is a fountain below me, yet I should have hit it by now. I open my eyes to see that I’m suspended in midair by nothing. I can feel a gust of wind. Suddenly… I get a vision.

It’s me, but from 3rd person view. I can see the wind blowing through my long hair, waving. I am wearing some kind of intricate armour, wielding an ornamental battle axe. Behind me stands a beautiful white dragon, roaring. The sun is setting, and the water just laps the shore of the beach that the other me stands on. The other me turns his head towards me and says:

“You are the Wind.”

Excuse me? What is that supposed to mean? How can I be the wind when I can’t even run straight half the time? (Mainly because I’m flocked by people at all angles). I’m highly confused by this…

While I am confused, sitting in my own world of questions, I don’t even notice the glowing white cracks that shroud my vision. When I finally see the cracks, the vision shatters. I am greeted by a void of black.

Suddenly, there’s a light. A white light. It’s so bright, it’s blinding. Just as fast, the light dies down and I find myself on the ground in what looks like ruins. I look up to the sky and see that I’m in the middle of space, but somehow able to breathe. The sky that surrounds the ruins is cluttered with nebulas of baby magenta to royal blue. It’s a breath taking sight…

My eyes drift back down, to the centre of the ruins where I see a small light. As I get up and draw nearer, it gets brighter. I push the hair out of my face and get a close look at the light. When my eyes adjust, the light dies out, revealing an orb with a soft white glow radiating off it. What is it with the dying lights today? Gosh…

Take it. Take the Wind.

I do as the wind tells me to and I take the orb gingerly. When my hand gently comes into contact with the orb, the orb immediately absorbed into my hand, causing my arm to glow as it travelled up my blood towards my heart. A paroxysm of cold engulfed my entire body. When the cold finally went away, I look down and see that the white ornamental battle axe has appeared in my hands. My eyes move up my arm and I realize that I am wearing the armour I saw on the other me.

Aeolus. You are the wind… Help save this realm and your realm.

And then everything goes black for the last time…

Once the light had died down, Aeolus now back in his own home. Now that Wind had been awakened, it is now Water’s turn. On the other side of the continent, in the woods of Aquos, the Water Elemental had just been awakened.

Go to the Elven Kingdom in the Kraolt Mountains.

Dammit. That weird vision made me lose my game. I need to eat soon.

Kraolt Mountains? That’s almost on the other side of the continent. How am I supposed to get there? The quickest route I know is via the Pyrs River. I could walk along that way, but walking it would take me about six months. I walk down to the river. I might as well get started on this looooong journey. Suddenly, something in the water beckons me.

It pulls me in. My feet just carry me into the water. Suddenly, I realize that I’m floating on the water. The water pulls me forward. Slowly at first, but with increasing speed. The water rushes me down along the river, pushing me past the water hog I was hunting. The speed increases by the second. Reaching my climax for speed, I scream. The water comes to a halting stop. Gasping for breath, I hear the voice again:

Control the water to push you along. If you travel like this, you can reach the Kraolt Mountains by the end of the day.

By the end of the day? Whoa. That’s fast. Still floating in the water, I try to control the water with my hands. Nothing happens.

You need to put emotion into it. You cannot control the water without the emotion.

Mustering up all the emotion I could, I raise my hand straight out in front of me and I suddenly start to gain speed. I’m moving slowly. I clench my hand into a fist and move it 90 degrees. Suddenly, I am almost rocketing down the river.

Very good Talise.

“How do you know my name?” I ask the voice, still rocketing down the river at what feels like a mile a second.

Let’s just say I’m an ethereal being that knows a bit too much.

“That’s helpful.” I reply sarcastically. I tighten my fist, turning it another quarter angle. I speed up even more, pushing me along the river.

I continue like this for an hour, when I see the Kraolt Mountains coming into view. Within twenty minutes I am at the shore. I come to a gradual stop and jump out of the water. That’s when I see the prince of Elves rushing towards me.

“You are the Water Elemental, yes?” He says, panting.

“Yes. What are you?” I reply.


Two of the Elements are united. You must find 4 more.