Muggle Struggle


Yes I am a muggle

it comes with many struggles


When you wake up in the night

and don’t want to say luminos because it would be too bright


Being a muggle comes with many struggles

Honestly it’s too many to juggle


Have to pick up stuff using your hand

Honestly the spell leviosa is not that grand


Muggles or should I say no majs complain all the time

Does it look like I care about the fact that you can’t rhyme


Trying to hack my wifi

It’s impossible don’t give it try


They try to plan

On how they are gonna get famous on Instagram


Trying to mislead

With their Insta feed


Talking about how they want to be like kim

And i’m like girl if you want to be like her just go to the gym


Trying to find their house in a buzzfeed quiz

Yo muggles stop pretending you’re a wiz