15 by Mira B.


15 years of life.

15 things that make me happy:


  1. Music, especially a song that has that one line that sends shivers through your whole body
  2. Friends, but most importantly the kind you know you can always count on for a meaningless laugh or an extremely meaningful hug
  3. Art, and that sense of escape you can gain from the flow of a pencil or the pigment of acrylic paint
  4. Friday nights, and that feeling of adrenaline that comes from fresh air in fresh lungs and the sense of comfort in the fading night
  5. Long showers, when the water is the perfect temperature and it feels as though all your worries are being slowly washed away
  6. Fresh cut mango, perfectly ripe and round, bitter but sweet, and cut open in the shape of a hedgehog
  7. Long Facetimes with that one person with whom it feels like you can never run out of things to talk about
  8. Starry night swims at the lake in late August, and cutting through silky water at midnight with old friends and constellations in the sky
  9. Cherry blossoms, when they finally bud in mid-spring, and their petals are like tissue paper lighting up the rainy city
  10. Bright eyes, when you find someone whose eyes are completely unique; long lashes and deep pupils, full of life and colour
  11. Sunsets, in late fall, when the streaks of pink and orange cut through the sky and purple clouds circle their canvas as twilight approaches
  12. Summer’s first peaches, a blend of orange and pink, a light fuzz covering their skin like a newborn child’s head
  13. Hot macaroni after a long day, the cheese, gooey and soft, as it falls onto your fork as if comfort was encased in a bowl
  14. Sunlight reflecting onto your cheekbones in class, illuminating your face and sending rays of warmth through your body
  15. Ghost trees, pines scattered down the steep slope, blanketed in snow so they appear as ghostly figures drowning in crisp sunlight


But what makes me happiest of all is knowing that I could go on and on about what makes me happy, and that I’ve got years and years to talk even more.