Elements: Part 2 by Rin Phoenix

On the shores of River Azrule, the Water Elemental and Air Elemental have been acquainted, now to go on their journey.

Now that two elementals have been united, it is nearly time that I tell you two what is going on.

I look at the Air Elemental. He’s quite handsome; tall and slender, but still brooding with long white hair and icey blue eyes. But that’s not the point.

“Hold on—what’s your name?” I ask the Air Elemental.

Me? The voice says.

“Me?” he repeats after the voice.

“Not the voice. Air,” I say, poking the air elemental in the chest, “What’s your name?”

He tells me that his name is Aeolus. That’s a pretty nice sounding name, suited for a prince.

“Just so you know, I’m also the prince of this place, so you had better listen to me.”

The voice instructs us to begin the quest to find the last four elementals, but Aeolus explains that his father won’t let him leave the kingdom without protection—clearly, seeing as he is a prince. Aeolus guides us through the castle to the throne room, to where his father sits in a raven black throne, adorned with glittering gold and white gems.

In a slow, hoarse voice, he regards his son.

“Aeolus, what are you doing?” He says.

“I am here because I need to leave on a quest. An ethereal being has told me—us—that we need to summon all of the Elements,” Aeolus replies while glancing in my direction.

“An ethereal being, you say,” his father creaks. “If there is an ethereal being in the presence of my child or me, show yourself.”

I will not show myself.

“If not, then I don’t believe the hogwash my son is saying,” The King responds stubbornly. “And he won’t be able to go on this rubbish ‘quest’ he speaks of.”

Immediately, the voice sighs and what looks like a stream of light passes through the King’s mask. Suddenly, he is thrown off his chair by an unknown force. He is on the ground, writhing in pain, clutching his head. It’s hard to watch. Suddenly, he just goes still.

Aeolus runs over to his father to see if he is okay. He helps him up to his feet, then unsteadily walks him back to his chair. The king leans over, hands on his temples as if trying to let what just happened sink in.

“What in the name of Izaos was that?” He says in disturbed, quiet voice.

“What did you see, your majesty?” I ask him.

He describes that there was chaos everywhere. His kingdom was thrown into havoc by what appears to be a mass of darkness. The sky had turned a crimson red, bleeding into the horizon and into the kingdom. There were dead bodies of citizens everywhere, and those who were alive were screaming in horror at the calamity. He also describes that he had turned around to go back into the castle, but in front of him stood two dying soldiers carrying Aeolus’ slaughtered body. I glance over at Aeolus, and the colour from his face has disappeared.

“That voice said that if the Elementals are not all summoned and united, that will happen,” The King finishes. “To protect my kingdom and my son, you have my consent to go on this quest.”

Now that’s over and done with, we need to go to the sky islands of Gnalk, where the Elemental of Earth resides.

The bane of the realm of Ivalon was revealed to the king of the Elves. The ethereal being explained that would be the the demise of his kingdom and his song if his son did not have the King’s consent to go on this quest, but after seeing what could happen, the quest began. Inside the damp stables of the castle, Aeolus and Talise are beginning to set off.

“You got all your stuff?” The water elemental asks me.

“Yes. You?”

“I don’t need anything other than the the stuff I already have,” She says, gesturing to the bow and arrows and dagger she has slung around her back. “Also, I don’t know if you know what my name is, but it’s Talise.”

Talise is a nice name, unlike mine. I was boringly named after the elven god of air in some dumb prophecy that some of family talks about, namely my dad.

“Hey. You got your weapons, so are we going to go now?” Talise asks, pulling my out of my own world.

“What? Oh, yeah. But don’t we need food, seeing as we are going to be gone for a very long time?” I ask.

Talise explains that she is a pretty good hunter, so she can just shoot some birds and waterboars.

“But what will we do for water?” I ask another question as I start to mount my horse.

“Why are you stalling?” Talise asks out of the blue.

“What are you talking about?” I sputter.

“You’re stalling.”

“Well, if I am, it’s because we’re about to go on some huge journey quest thing that we were told to embark on by some random voice that I don’t even know exists or not. Also, I just saw my father writhing on the ground as if he was having a blasted seizure! I think I have the right to stall for a bit if I’m so nervous,” I burst. I see Talise looks slightly disturbed at how loud I yelled. I just sigh and we mount our horses.

The guards escort us to the exit of the city where everyone is watching us leave. Our horses had to slow down because there were so many people everywhere. Because we were moving quite slow, I overhear a few people say that Talise was my girlfriend. Let me answer that—no. She’s nice, but I barely know her.

We ride for the next five hours in silence. The silence is broken from Talise’s stomach grumbling.

“I’m hungry. You?” She asks me, looking straight ahead.

“No,” I reply dully.

“Anyway, it’s getting dark. We should set up camp for the night,” She sighs. “You get the fire started, and I’ll go hunt. We can use the animal pelts and leaves as makeshift beds or something.”

I jump off my horse and look around. We’re on the bank of a river, so there will be quite a few animals scoping out the river. I walk into the forest to collect fire wood and kindling. I can see Talise looking around for things to hunt. She can be quite serious when it comes to survival. She seems like a pro at this.

After setting up the fire and starting to set it alight with flint and a knife, I hear Talise scream. Dropping my knife and flint I run to her voice. Trampling through the underbrush, I eventually come across her bow. It’s snapped.

I continue to run in the direction of her scream. Her knife now. There are tracks on the ground. It looks like she was trying to escape whatever had gotten her. I sprint; her screams continue to ring out through the night. Adrenaline keeps me going until I finally see her. She is being dragged, and is now unconscious.

“Talise!” I yell as I run after her. I lunge and grab onto her hand that is dragging behind her. Whatever was taking her noticed me.

Oh no. You gotta fight now, buddy. The voice says.

A fight? I’ve never been properly trained how to fight. The monster dragging Talise whips around to face me. It drops Talise and pulls out a gigantic claymore made of a rusty steel. Yup, I’m gonna die.