At Sea by Jacopo Fabbri

The picture of serenity at sea

Seagulls soaring high

With tide that lilt like a mother tongue unused for many years

Back and forth


A soft breeze picks up a lock of hair forgotten by the hair ribbon

Then lets it go

For further than sight

The empty field of water pushes on

Littered by kelp and seafoam

A glittering emerald green deeper than the bottom of the sea

The colour of my companion’s eyes


She tugs a festering rope

A break for the weathered sail

For a while we sit

Rocking a bit

Entranced by the golden rays bouncing across the sea

Like skipping stones


Breaking the sweet silence

I let free the sail

Gracefully billowing through the air

And our dainty little sailboat

With crusty paint and a creaking tiller

Resumes its purposeful stride


Hesitantly, for I cannot see below the sheet of seaweed

I dip a reddened finger

Into the briny green

Circles ripple away


As the wind begins to bustle quicker on its way

I let loose the sails more and more

Becoming more like the gulls above

Flying free forever


Jacopo Fabbri