The Silent Beach by Avrel F.

The day was calmingly silent. The trees swayed along to the wind’s song. Sun rays danced on the blue lake, making the water shimmer. Birds, perched on their branches watched as the crickets conversed. If you listened hard enough you could hear children’s laughs from three lakes over. You could hear them jump from their floaties and screech with delight as the water embraced them. However, you had to try to listen to them. Four blocks down from the loud children was a deserted beach. This particular lake did not attract squealing children or sunbathing adults. The blinding orange no trespassing signs made sure of it. Once in the summer summer six years ago the birds remembered a couple of teenaged boys had come to the lake. They spent the day soaking up the sun and enjoying the sweet silence. The following day they went back to the lake four blocks up and the beach became empty once again. Sometimes children came up to the sign and tilted their head in wonderment. They would ask themselves why they weren’t allowed into the lake. Then they would leave, running back to their noisy homes. The birds missed their smiling faces. It had been a while since the deserted lake had gotten a visitor. The days were plain and silent. So to amuse themselves and pass the time the birds sat on their branches and listened to the crickets converse.