Divine Warrior – Part 1 by Rin Phoenix

For years there was nothing. For eons there was nothing. No one knows how, but out of nothingness, a great entity of light was born. The Light created an ethereal plane, a central for all of the realms that would be created. With this now new space, small entities float through empty air. The Light continued to create countless realms, continuously creating and destroying. However, with light, there is always darkness. The Light sealed off the darkness in a newly created realm. The Light knew that one day the darkness would gain sentience, take on a physical form and attempt to take over the ethereal plane. So to take on the darkness eventually, the Light chose a cosmic entity and gifted it life. This entity would battle the darkness and save the dreamscape.

It’s cold… Why is it cold? What is this voice? I think to myself. A blinding light pierces my eyes.

“Awaken young warrior,” a booming voice calls. “Rise to the sound of my voice.”

And I do just that. My cold limbs pick themselves up from the floor automatically. I can feel warmth spilling into my arms and legs. What are arms and legs? Are they my limbs?

“Good. Now, walk towards me,” it once again calls.

I saunter forward, my body moving on its own. I feel like I’m in control, yet there is still a force pulling on my body.

“Excellent. You can move. As for the appearance of a Divine Warrior…”

A light but sudden weight sits on my head. White hair spills down my face to my lower back. Skin as white as as a cloud takes shape over my hollow arms and legs, encasing my soul inside.

“Pure white hair and skin, with piercing Citrine eyes. The mark of the Divine Warrior of Light.” Gathering from what the Light said, I have amber eyes. I imagine what colour my eyes are described as. It’s a pretty colour. Refined yet fiery in a way.

“Rin, Divine Warrior of Light. I bless you with this name.” Once again the Light resonates through the air.

“Rin the Divine Warrior…” I echo quietly. Rin is quite a short name. Easy to say, though.

“Now, I shall cast you into the Realm of Cythrawl. The Middle Earth of the lair of the Shadow. From there, your quest begins. But every hero needs a weapon.”

In front of me, a silver and gold embellished sword appears. The blade is wrapped in a soft glow, a citrine gem at the tip of the handle.

“That is the Sword of Light. Take it, as it shall assist you on your journey.” The Light orders for a last time.

I reach out and grab the handle. As I do, a Cosmic Body of stars and a Golden Dragon with emerald eyes look down at me. “Take the blade, young Deity.”

The sword appears once again in its stone pedestal. How many times do I need to take this blade. As I reach out and grab it, both creatures fade into the sword. It glows a bright, welcoming glow.

Take the blade.

The one sentence resonates through my blank mind. I grab the handle once again—to no side effects—other than everything is black, and I cannot wake up.




Oh wait, no… I’m awake now. Oof, what a weird dream I had.

I remove myself from my bed. It’s actually pretty early in the morning, and I have to get myself to school. If I don’t, my teachers are going to yell at me. Almost as they always do. Walking past the mirror in my cramped room, I catch a glimpse of my usual, messy brown hair. Only odd thing is, the roots are turning white. Is that connected to that strange dream I had last night? I shake off the thought, simply thinking it’s just stress from so much school work has caught up to me. I also catch sight of my eyes. They’re their normal black colour. So dark I can barely see my pupils. I never know how dilated they are. But something about them tells me they’re lighter than usual.

I throw on my usual outfit for school. A black hoodie and grey jeans. The back of the hoodie says something along the lines of I’m fed up with life. It’s kinda accurate. If I’m being honest, I really don’t like the world I live in. I’d much rather live in a fantasy world where I’m a hero or something. Because in this world, I’m complete and utter nothing.

“Oh, c’mon. Don’t think that,” A voice says out of nowhere. It sounds like a voice that was in the dream I just had. “Yes, I am the same person you just had a dream about. I can read your thoughts, y’know,”

I want a Wasabi flavoured ice cream.

“That would be spicy and cold. I don’t think those two things work together,” the voice once again says. “You think very strange things, young hero,”

“Who is talking?” I say to the voice. I don’t know if I’m delusional, or someone really is there.

“You’re not delusional. Don’t worry. However, only you can see me. I’ll show myself,” Suddenly a huge, transparent, golden dragon head pops through the wall. I let out an undignified screech.

“Rin, you’re the Divine Warrior of Light. You shouldn’t be scared of a big, partially visible dragon head coming through the wall,”

“My name isn’t Rin. It’s Grace. Anyway, what’re you doing here? I thought you were just from my dream,”

“I’m not from your dream. I cannot tell you why I am here, but you will find out soon enough,” The dragon head vanishes.

“Grace! Stop talking to yourself and hurry up. You’re gonna be late for school.” My aunt suddenly calls out. Oi, she’s incredibly grumpy. I don’t really like her. I know that’s a typical thing for teenagers to say about their parental figures, but I really don’t. She just doesn’t care for me. I don’t care she doesn’t. It’s fine.

“I’m coming,” I call back, shoving my foot into my boots. “I saw something weird,”

“Mhm, yeah. Whatever. Hurry up, we’re gonna be late,” she replies.

After my aunt dropped me off out the front of the school, I spot my Alex. My one and only friend from this bland world.

“Why’re you late?” he asks as we cross the road to the school gate. “Usually you’re earlier. Did the witch shout at you again?”

“More or less. I had a weird dream and I slept in,”

“I kinda did too. I was told I had to accompany some hero on a weird quest in another world. I also ended up having light gray hair for some reason in that dream. It was a cool hair style! Almost like Sasuke from Naruto,” He says with a dumb grin on his face at the end of his sentence.

“What do you have first block?” I ask.

“Home Ec.”

“Heh—you’re learning cooking,”

“So? Guys can learn to cook too,” he replies grumpily. Before I knew it, the Golden Dragon head had appeared once again, but this time it was his whole body. He sits upon a large spire of a building next to the school, beautiful and golden in contrast to the grey sky. He stares down at me with emerald green eyes. Alex looks up in the direction of where I was looking, when suddenly he crashes into me.

The sudden impact knocks me down, flinging him on top of my side. He’s knocked out cold. Before I knew it, there was a large truck that passed over me and the unconscious body of Alex. A flash of white followed by all black.


* * *


The only thing I have seen for as long as I can remember was black. My limp body simply sitting in a void of black. I tried to move so many times, yet my body would not respond. Growing bored, I began to hear things from inside my mind. Different feelings—anxious ones, scared ones, inspired ones—develop within me. Only now have I learnt a new emotion. Boredom. The small voice within me figured out that there is nothing to do. I want to stimulate myself with something, or look at something other than this boring black. I want to see something called Light.

Immediately, a small point begins to pulse in front of me. I try and reach out, but I still cannot move. The light expands out in small streams at a time, creating a web of cracks of light, all enshrouding my vision. The veil of black, now overwhelmed by the light shatters away. The light bathes me. This feeling is one I’ve never felt before. Now that I feel something called warmth, it’s only that I figure out I was cold before. So cold.

“You have gained sentience. It is now time to properly cast you into the realm of Cythrawl, for you are ready,” A deep voice booms from the very depth of my soul. “May the Light guide you,”

Finally, before I knew it, I’m suspended long way above an alien world.