Double Chocolate Donut: Less Chocolaty by Choco

Today when I woke up, I was sick. My dough felt hard, my icing was soggy and my sprinkles were falling off.  

“Choco, you don’t look so good… Are you okay?” my younger sister, Doubs, asked me.

“No, not really actually. I’m feeling a bit out of the oven.” I could tell Doubs was concerned for me because one of her sprinkles fell right off her icing.

“Oh no! That’s horrible, I hope you feel better soon Choco,” Doubs said to me and took her position on the tray. I stayed in my overnight spot and watched as all my brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles got onto their trays.

“Choco, why aren’t you going to your position on the tray?” My oldest brother asked me.

“I’m not feeling very chocolaty today,” I said as some of my soggy icing dropped with a sad sigh.

“Oh sorry to hear that Choco. I hope you start feeling better soon.” He went off to his tray and I watched the humans come and pick each tray up and out through the big shiny doors.

Honey cruller, maple dip, honey dip, the long johns, and the apple fritter’s had all left and there were only a few more trays left.  I turned to look at my brothers and sisters in the tray.  They all looked so tasty! A human would be extremely…hmm what’s the word?  I get so confused with all the English words I hear during the day; but I remember this one time, Ble and I were chilling – wait… we weren’t getting colder, we were staying at a medium temperature – when some teenage boys walked in.  It was the middle of the night and of course we’re open twenty three hours a day so we had two more hours to go.  These boys came in and were laughing and talking incredibly loud- it was quite rude! Ble and I were pretty bored, these boys were the first customers we’d had in hours and because they were being so un-iced we decided to copy what they were saying in the same voice they were speaking in.

“Yo dude what should I get?” Ble said, mimicking what a tall boy with blonde hair that was -for some reason- pointed straight to the ceiling. That was pretty weird. That would be like us having our icing sticking out – it just didn’t make sense.  The boy next to him had black hair that was covered in a hat and thank goodness for that.

“Get a donut. Those are delicious,” The boy with black hair had said. Ble and I’s icing melted a tiny bit from blushing. I guess this guy wasn’t too bad and his hair didn’t stick up to the ceiling. I decided not to copy what he said.

“Don’t be an idiot, the cookies are way better than the donuts.” OH. NO. HE DID NOT!!! JUST SAY THAT COOKIES ARE BETTER THAN US! We are delicious! How DARE he! My sprinkles had started falling off because I was so angry!  I had turned to Ble and saw that he had the exact same reaction as I had.

“OH THIS….IDIOT IS GOING TO PAY!” Ble yelled and we both laughed when Ble used the word ‘idiot.’  We’d never used that word before.

I came back to reality and for a moment, that memory had taken away the pain I was in right now. Where was I? Oh yes, a human would be an idiot if they didn’t eat my brothers and sisters. They looked amazing today! Their icing was glowing and their sprinkles were perfectly placed on top of their icing.  I looked for Ble to try and remind him of that story of the two of us but couldn’t find him. Oh no!

“Where is Ble?” I yelled. My oldest brother turned behind him to see who else was on the tray and I saw the side of his dough get a little indent.

“Oh no! Where is Ble? Uh oh.” Every donut in the tray started looking around for Ble.

“Choco! We need you to check…the oven!” My whole dough contracted. How could my brother ask me to do that. First of all, I’m not well and second of all, even if I was well, it’s dangerous in there.  How would I be able to check anyway? It’s so far away.

“Are you hiding your sprinkles? You can’t be serious.”

“I am serious Choco. You’re the closest to it. We’re all counting on you, Ble is counting on you.” He said.

“But what if I don’t make it and you lose both of us? Is that what you want?”

“No Choco, that won’t happen. We believe in you, Ble believes in you.” That was all the icing I needed! They were right, I can do this.

“For Ble!” I shouted at the top of my lungs and started sliding off my sleeping tray.

“For Ble!” My sisters and brothers repeated from the store tray.  My dough was contracting in and out and I could feel my icing getting even soggier. I had made it off the sleeping tray. I was now on the counter – there is no going back now.

“Hey guys, sorry I’m late.” Ble appeared from behind me.

“Ble! You scared the sprinkles off of me!” I exclaimed. “Where were you?”

“I was underneath the tray. I guess somehow I iced off in the middle of the night.” I could hear my brothers and sisters all sigh with relief and when I looked over, I saw many drops of icing.

“Ble, we were all so worried.” Late, my sister, said as Ble made his way to the store tray.

“Sorry.” Ble got up to the tray and I made my way back to the sleeping tray. I was feeling even worse now. “What’s wrong Choco?” Ble asked me from the store tray.

“I’m not doing so well.” I responded and figured from that he could pretty much assume the rest.  I saw him give a concerning look and it looked as though he was about to respond; however the human lifted up the tray with my brothers and sisters and within the spread of icing I was alone.  I had never experienced so much silence before.  It was really weird. Suddenly the human walked in again and darted its eyes toward me.  Gosh why do humans always do that? It made me feel so exposed.  Especially now because I’m sick. I mean how would they like it if we just darted our sprinkles at them when they were sick? The human started moving towards me. Oh no. What’s going to happen? It picked me up and started moving towards a big black bucket. OH. NO. AHHHHHHHH!! This can’t be happening. I’ve had some pretty horrible stomachs to be in but the worst of all was garbage cans.  I hated them so much. There were rotten bananas and gross green things inside.  I mean, shouldn’t I be soothed back to health instead of being thrown somewhere that actually could get me more sick? The human held me over the top of the garbage can and lifted the lid.  My icing started melting off when I started crying. This is going to be the longest day of my life.  I tried to calm myself down by reminding myself that by tonight I’ll be back on my sleep tray but, all that I could think of was: