Divine Warrior pt.2 by Rin Phoenix

The terrain looks straight out of a fairy tale. Its natural formations are beyond what my imagination can comprehend. Crystal blue water divides four different continents that all twist upwards, a giant tree or mountain smack in the middle of each land figure. Floating islands girt the mountains, otherwise in huge clusters suspended in mid air. Spectrums of colours fill the sky, like a galaxy through a kaleidoscope. The general colours of the flora range from reds, to golds, to blues, purple, whites and even more. From this high up, I can see the whole world. However, I somehow cease to notice the island I am about to fall smack onto.

“ACK!” I screech as I hit the ground.

“Greetings, Divine Warrior Rin. I gather you have awoken,” an unknown voice says from behind me.

“Who’s Rin?”


I turn around on the small island to find a transparent ghost of a boy, about my age. He has lilac grey hair. Bangs cover his blue eyes, while being spiked up in the back. Does it do that naturally? Different parts of his body fade off into cloud and then reappear, almost as if he were made of mist.

“Will you grant me permission to not speak so formally?” He asks, snapping me out of my trance of examining him. I nod my head in response.

“That’s much better. I can talk properly now,”

“Are you a ghost?”

“Spirit. The term ‘ghost’ is a little more… loose. It’s quite rude to most spirits to be called a ghost. The difference is that ghosts are smaller and they have more like a regular yvero. Spirits are more like elves–taller, with pointed ears,” the spirit explains.

“I can’t see your ears though. How do I know you’re not a yvero,”

“They have regular ears. Rounded and short,” he says. “Anyway, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I am Silver. I am simply a spirit to welcome you to this world,”

“Silver. It appears you already know about me, so can you please tell me why I am here,” I ask. I seriously have no idea why I’m here or who I am.

“It’s hard to explain… In short, you are here to cast out an evil that resides within. This place is supposedly a physical plane of existence for the Darkness. It is your duty as the Divine Warrior to cast out this darkness and cleanse this world of it,”

That’s helpful.

“Anyway, I recommend that you begin your journey now. You’re going to have to travel all over this world, find different people that will aid you, or grant you different abilities, such as mastering the five elements, or training. Y’know, stuff like that.”

“Master the elements? What’re the elements? How do I master them? Can I please have some context here?”

“Like I said, you’ll find out all in good time. To begin your journey, start on the Continent of Water,” Silver says, starting to fading away. “My time to greet you here is up. You probably won’t see me again, but only Chronos will tell,” Silver finally completely fades into thin air. Okay, I’m completely stuck on this tiny floating island that I actually have barely any room to move on. I’m so high up that if I jumped off I’d die, even if I hit water. I don’t have wings, so what am I gonna do?

“You can jump. It’s all good, I got you,” an unfamiliar voice says, carried on the wind.

“Who is it this time? Another Spirit?” I ask sarcastically.

“Nope. I’m a Deity Apprentice. Apprentice of the wind,” The voice says proudly. “I am… Kai Zephyr,”

“Who?” I reply unamused. I seriously have no idea who that guy is. Come to think of it, I can’t think of anyone I know. Except Silver who was here about 30 seconds ago for said time. A large gust of wind bellows up from underneath the small island. Riding on the wind, a boy appears. Once again, for some reason my age. Does everyone here look my age?

“Behold, Kai Zephyr, the future Wind Deity,” He says, bowing slightly.

“I still don’t know who you are.”

Kai looks like I just offered to sneeze on his salad. Wait—what’s a salad? “Well, who are you, since we seem to be in the same situation,”

“I don’t know much about myself other than I’m called Rin, and I’m something of a ‘Divine Warrior’. You know that is?” I ask him, talking about things that are supposedly big deals so casually.

“Wha-? You? D-Divine Warrior?” Kai sutters to himself, his green eyes full of shock at my claim to being the Divine Warrior. His eyes scan me up and down; extremely awkwardly, if I do say so myself. “No. Those are false claims. The Divine Warrior would have the legendary sword of light. I admit you look like the one they speak of, but I didn’t think the Warrior would be a skinny twig like you. Let alone a girl,”

“Well geez, thanks,” I mutter. Who does this guy think I’d be? Some hunking guy? No. I feel extremely short, my arms really do look like twigs, and apparently I don’t have this sword. Speaking of which, I wonder where it is.

“If you really are the Divine Warrior, then you should be able to summon the sword,” Kai taunts, his hands now on his hips in a sassy pose.

“How do I do that? I just woke up and I have no idea where I am,”

“I dunno. Do some weird movement and chant some weird thing. Think about the sword,” He suggests in an annoyed tone.

Sighing, I try what he suggested. In my mind’s eye, I picture a type of sword bathed in light. I raise my hands above my head and try pulling them apart… from behind my eyelids, a bright light shines. A light weight appears in my hands… did I do it?

I open my eyes, bring down my hands, and… HOLY HECKING CANNOLI, IT WORKED. Kai’s face is priceless. He stares at me with utter disbelief.

“My apologies, Divine Warrior. Please forgive me for doubting you,” Kai says in a worried tone.

“Why is everyone speaking so formal around me?” I really don’t understand why both of the two new people I’ve met have spoken so seriously.

“You’re like a hero of legend, are you not? Speaking formally shows respect, I’d guess,” He explains, a hint of worry in his voice.

“Please. Don’t. Speak. Formally. It’s killing me,” I say, making very exaggerated gestures with my hands.

“Sorry. Anyway, you said you need to get down, right? I can get you down if you need,” He offers.

“Uhh, that would be very nice thanks,” I reply, looking down at my feet where the island drops off very far down.

“I doubted you, but for that I wish to not feel your wrath,” Kai says apologetically. 

“Why is everyone speaking so formally to me? You really don’t have to. Apology accepted, now please help me get off this island,”

Kai nods his head and gestures his hand upwards. A huge gust of wind sweeps me off my feet and suspends me in mid air. I feel like I could drop at any second.

“Don’t you dare drop me!” I yell, my voice being drowned out by the wind blowing up from underneath me. “Or then you’ll feel my wrath,” Kai nods his head vigorously, worry clouding his face. He doesn’t speak as a large gust of wind blows us both down to the surface. I watch around myself as I plummet downwards, Kai at my side. Streaks of colour swirl around aimlessly through the air. This is such a colourful land, I don’t understand that there could be anything wrong with it. Particularly house evil. We eventually land on a small deserted island in the middle of an archipelago.

“Welcome to the surface. Our current location is the Bhly Archipelago of the Oquarus continent, element of Water. The current population: us,”

“Kai, how do you know where we are?” I ask him. He just shrugs. “Is there any civilization around? All I know is that I’m on the water continent,”

“Yes, there is a town near here. I don’t know how much help they’d be, seeing as they don’t have a particular reputation for having any people of significance,” Kai gestures soft north as we begin to slowly wander in that direction. It’s only now that I notice that Kai’s feet haven’t touched the ground.

“Why are you flying?” I ask, looking down at his feet. He’s barefoot.

“Eh?” He looks down at his floating feet and doesn’t react in anyway at all. “It’s more or less a personal thing, so I’d prefer not to say. However, I recommend that we stay on task,”

We?” I ask in a slightly skeptical tone. “When did you take on this task, too?”

Kai once again looks alarmed. “I’m sorry! I kinda just guessed that you would have wanted help. Besides, I don’t have anything to do. I might prove useful,” He mumbles the last part.

“Okay then. For now, you can prove as my guide,” I announce. Kai looks disappointed at the fact that he’s only my guide for now. He begins to describe random things about the wildlife and the air while I just sit and take it in.

(to be continued)