Into the Woods WPGA Play Review by Georgia Ball

This year, WPGA reenacted the musical ‘Into the Woods’ by James Lapine.  It was produced by Nimah McAllister, Lana-Penner Tovey, and Sarah Calvert.  From the casting in March to the many months of rehearsals from September to January, the actors and crew spent many hours creating a work of art. WPGA plays never fail to amaze me. Ms.Izdebski said, “it was a visually spectacular and the musicality was out of this word.” Sydney Bear grade 11 said, “Into the woods is one of my favourite musicals and WPGA put on an amazing performance.” One of the roles that really stood out to me was Tristan Murad’s character, the wolf. Mckenzie Scott in grade 9 said, “ It was a lot of fun to be apart of this year’s production and I enjoyed meeting new people.” Everyone I spoke to about they play loved it. The play had multiple stories that linked together in the end. In conclusion, this year’s production was marvellous and I cannot wait to see next years!