Top 5 Wardrobe Essentials by Tiffany C.

Do you ever feel as if you don’t have anything to wear? Or you can’t find a single, good-looking outfit you haven’t already worn this week? If so, you’re not alone. The reason why you may be experiencing this issue is that you don’t have the basic necessities to build up your nicer pieces. First of all, you should stop buying everything on sale or pieces that tremendously stand out that you would never wear unless in a blue moon. Of course, I am not discouraging achieving a great deal on that piece you’ve been eyeing for weeks. Instead, spend more wisely and think about what you already have that would go great with what you’re about to buy and when you’d wear it. Thinking about these sort of things before purchasing something extravagant will help you narrow down the outfit you’re looking for. When you have the following basic essentials, you may build on those unique pieces and create a beautiful, and good-looking outfit in the end.
Little Black Dress



Black/White Bodysuit/Tank Top

White T-Shirt



High Waisted Dark Wash Skinny Jeans



Knit Sweater


With these simple, yet buildable pieces, you’ll be able to build up your very own, fabulous outfit.