Greater Dreams Part 3

Greater Dreams (Pt3)

By Pencap

The pair were now further from the 3rd planet in the solar system than perhaps anything has ever been pushed away from something else before.

And yet, their thoughts have wandered back all the way to that faraway planet more often than they have for anywhere else. They thought of schools and clouds and crowds and ferns and parks and dirt. Why did they leave? If they were repulsed, why did they think about it?

The girl strolled to the bow and regarded the sublimity of the oblivion outside. She then went to the stern again and regarded the sublimity of the oblivion outside. Everything was always either bluetinged or redtinged. The shifting of wavelengths did not seem satisfactory to the polarity of life now. She imagines the spaceship as a giant magnet, being pushed on one side and pushed on the other, maybe by something that never allowed connections or contact.

She opened her sketchbook, watching the doodles dance. She picked up a colouring pencil and flipped to the next blank page. It took 5 minutes.

The boy sat in the corner, barely interested in the video game in his hand. His mind wandered too far ahead that he found it impossible to concentrate, and so saved his progress on top of an impressive list before switched the console off.

Their greats minds churning with infinitesimal hypotheticals and universes, were filled to the brim. So was the space around them, peppered with countless more particles that they could not see. And so was the universe, concealed in those improbable hypotheticals, that were filled to the brim.

Then, after approximately the amount of time it would take someone (even an adult) to lose track of time, the boy looked back at the serene magnificent skyscape and said partly to himself and partly for the sake of speaking: “I think we passed a nebula at some point.