Divine Warrior Part 3 by Rin Phoenix

“AIEEEE!” A sudden shrill voice screams. Kai and I both stop in our tracks. Kai said that there weren’t any people in this part of the continent.

“Someone is screaming? But I could have sworn there was no one in the Bhly archipelago. First duty as Divine Warrior: rescue whoever that is screaming,” Kai instructs, floating at a hasty pace in the direction of the scream.

I quickly unsheathe my sword in case of danger, which there most likely is going to be when someone screams. Another blood curdling scream rings out through the small isle. The second scream caused us to pick up the pace. Lush green bushes and branches create a thick underbrush, making it hard to get through.

Kai easily darts between the gradually tighter spaces between the trees, but I’m stuck trying to cut down everything in my path.

“Rin, quickly!” Kai calls from behind him. We’re nearing the source of the scream, so tension begins to rise. We both start incoherently shouting things. Now it just sounds like a screaming match as we both charge through the dense thicket.

The bushes were at the point where they were nearly twice my height, so I did not expect the bushes to almost all together stop. The floor stoops down a steep drop, so I end up sliding down a little bit while still battle crying.

Finally, we’re at the source of the screaming, which happens to be from a therapeutic grotto. A few brooks of water drop off into small waterfalls to collectively gather in a small middle pool.

The same scream shrieks extremely loudly. Kai and I look around frantically to find the source of the ruckus, but to no avail. From the middle of the ground, a weird horned thing screams an ear piercing shriek.

It leaps out of its hiding place in a bush. An ugly green and brown imp snarls at us with yellow teeth. Large claws snap from itss grimy nubs of finger. That thing looks like it could cut.

Kai backs up into the air with a horrified look on his face. “An imp? They’re not supposed to be here! Oh my goodness!”

“Well, I’ll make sure this one doesn’t come back,” I growl at it, preparing my stance.

“That’s not gonna be easy,” Kai starts to panic.

With my sword in hand, I begin to charge at the imp. A confused expression appears on its face as though it was expecting me to run the other direction. But the confused expression is immediately wiped as it easily dodges my lazy swing.

But little did it know that that was a trick. I quickly whip the sword back around and drag it upwards, light gleaming from it as the imp is purified. Dark clouds puff out from where it originally was. A few coins drop from the puff. I guess I might as well keep the coins.

Turning back around to Kai, he sits mid air just staring at me as though I have three heads.

“What? That was extremely easy. Do you all not do that?” I ask nonchalantly.

“You just killed an imp?!” Kai squeaks.

“So what?”

“I know you’re a Divine Warrior and stuff, but I didn’t expect you to be able to kill an imp that easily. You just woke up. You shouldn’t have any training in handling a sword whatsoever!” Kai begins to rant to himself, and I lose interest.

“Well, let’s get going,” Kai says, using a gust of wind to sweep me off my feet and next to him. We continue to float between the small isles for a while. The breeze carries the smell of salt, due to the ocean. The sound of water lapping against the white sand along the beaches brings a sense of peace. Maybe I could live here? I continue to scan the beach until something shiny catches my eye.

“Kai, stop for a sec,” I tell him. The wind gently stops and puts me down.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asks. He doesn’t sound it, but there’s a glint of worry in his eyes.

“I saw something in the sand. Around about… there,” I point to the metallic piece I saw on the ground. Kai follows my point and scans the ground.

“Oh! That’s a common treasure chest. Good spotting,” He states.

I begin to dig it up. The chest is pretty small and after dusting it off, it seems pretty old. But it’s somehow managed to keep it’s glint. It creaks open to reveal a few coins. They have a foreign character on it, but I’m somehow able to read it as 10.

“You got 50 stugaro. That’ll be good to spend that at Alari town,”

“What’s that? Is that the civilization you talking about before?” I ask,  thinking about how far Alari town is and what food I could potentially get there.

“Oh yeah,” Kai says, looking to the north. “We’ve still got a little ways to go, but we can be there by midnight tonight if we continue there by wind, provided by yours truly,” Kai bows slightly at the end of his little speech.

“Midnight. Wouldn’t travelling for that long drain your energy?” I ask. From what I can gather, magical abilities take up energy.

“It would a bit, but we could just crash at the Inn they have there,” Kai shrugs. He’s nice to not just leave me to sit here alone while he pretty much flies there. “It’s about sunset now, meaning it would be approximately hour nineteen. We’ll be there in five hours,”

I nod my head. It’s been a short but strange day for me. I was abruptly woken up by a big light, transcended a realm barrier into this one, fell for who knows how long and hit a floating island. From there, I was greeted by an elven spirit and then I met Kai. He helped me down via wind, which shouldn’t be possible seeing as I weigh quite a bit for wind to pick me up. Finally, I ran through a small jungle and killed an imp, that Kai was extremely scared of. In the end, I managed to get fifty-four stugaro. (I got the extra four from the imp.) Recounting what I did today, I’m actually almost surprised that I’m not very tired. The setting sun paints the eastern sky bright orange and purples, also illuminating Kai’s face. Is it bad to say he’s got a nice face? I shrug it off.

Passing by more and more small isles, the sky finally grows dark. Colours of galaxies light up the sky in magnificent colours. The faint light of the stars and particles of colour glow on the terrain, lighting it up in different colours.

“Just wait for the bioluminescence,” Kai says, smiling slightly. I guess he saw me looking around at everything. Almost on cue, the water begins to glow. Particles of light and flecks of colour dance aimlessly in the sea, lighting up the shallow banks a light aqua. Fish dart through here and there, swallowing up the occasional fleck.

I stare in awe at all the life and light coming from everything. “I don’t understand how there could be a darkness threatening to take everything over?” I say, still looking down at the water. Kai continues to blow us forward.

“I know. Most people don’t understand either. There is one self acclaimed sage deep in the mountains of Fyren that claims it is all a trick of the dark, and that it is already here. Another one in Yorai says the darkness has begun it’s ascent into this realm, and that a few people and things are possessed by it. I believe the sage from Yorai because look at those imps. They might be uncommon, but when they’re killed, they puff up in black smoke. Know what that is? Darkness,” he says. Fyren and Yorai? Sages? I’ll have to go there to speak to those people. “Apparently, nighttime is the work of the darkness. I don’t believe that, because there were records of black cloaking the sky before the Darkness settled in Cythrawl.”

“Is there supposed to be a Divine Warrior of Night or something? It sounds like there might be,” I ask. I think about if there are any other Divine Warriors. My title technically has two parts, so I could potentially have a few teammates with my supposed ‘title’. But to my ideas, Kai simply shrugs.

“Maybe, maybe not. I haven’t heard any legends of one, but maybe there is?” He stares forward.

I set aside my odd thoughts and focus on the water. I bend down to touch the it. Fish riding in the cool liquid brush past my fingers, leaving fish slime on them, but it comes off quickly.

“Bleugh. Fish slime,” Kai shudders. I stick my hand in the water again and fling it at him. He grimaces disgustedly and tries to squirm away, but I continue to taunt him until I suddenly start spinning.