Old Friends by Rose L.

Old Friends by Rose L.


How hard is it to flip a single page?

To learn, to salute, to move on once more.

They say memories go away with age,

Meet new people, what more could be asked for?


I have had rivals, as I have had friends.

Will I remember them? When I’m old, gray.

Have we forgotten, on both of the ends?

Perhaps it is better off this way.


At each and every crestfallen goodbye,

I consider all I have left in past.

For the future, I can turn a blind eye.

I leave, as a half, loyalty steadfast.


Do they think of me as I think of them?

Do they stare into nothing, pondering?

With these old friends, so much mirth and mayhem,

They are like me: forever wandering.


All these people that I have left behind;

Whenever thinking, Happy springs to mind.