I Lost a Friend by Georgia B.

I was seven years old and my really close family friends had a pet dog. Everytime we went over to their house which was often I would cuddle up with their beautiful black lab named Henry. He was so gentle and kind. Later we got a Boston Terrier named phoebe. When we went over to their house we would bring Phoebe who was a wild puppy. Phoebe would chase Henry all over the house. I still remember the day Henry past away. I got picked up from school and my mom told me that Henry was sick and that we were going to go visit him. I remember it was one of the children’s sports day and her friends were over. She was trying to keep a smile on even though inside she was crying. I went down stairs into the basement and there Henry was lying on the ground not wanting to move. I put my head beside him and just cried. I stroked his fur, but at that time I did not know it would be the last time I would do that. I looked into his eyes, and I said goodbye. That goodbye is still one of the hardest goodbye I have ever had to go through. The parents then said they were going to take Henry to the vet. I sat there waiting at their house for them to come back with Henry. Later they came back but Henry never did. To this day I still miss my friend Henry.