Divine Warrior part 3.5 by Rin Phoenix

“Hyah—!” I screech. I suspect that Kai is doing it, but he too is spinning upside down. His dark brown hair barely touches the water, but my whole head is getting dragged through as we simultaneously tumble to and fro.

“Why is it doing this?!” I yell between ducking my head in and out of water.

“You got fish slime on me, and now the air is out of control!” Kai shrieks back.

“Control it!”

“It’s hard!”

Since Kai isn’t doing it, I might as well try. I hold out my hands and think about what the wind should do. Nothing… I concentrate harder and tighten my hands hard until the point where my straight fingers bend slightly concave on the top. The wind begins to slow down.

“I think I can do it from here! The air slowed down a bit!” Kai yells again. It is slightly interrupted because my head is dragged into the water for a longer period of time. Almost on cue, the air comes to a complete halt. Typically, we fall head first into the water. I get a bit of sand in my mouth and my hair.

We both sit up in the water, spitting out as much sand as we can.

“How did the wind slow down like that? I didn’t do anything before that,” Kai pants, dusting his hair a little.

“I tried to slow the wind. I guess it worked,” I wring out my hair. It’s almost grey because it has suddenly gotten so dirty.

You slowed the wind? You shouldn’t be able to do that. You’re normal weight, and you haven’t had any training whatsoever,” Kai cries to himself. I wait until he finishes his small rant to continue.

“Look, I don’t know. I nearly broke my fingers, I tried so hard. I guess it comes with being a Divine Warrior?” I suggest. Kai puts his hand to his chin to think.

“Maybe. But that was bad technique. Maybe I could get Aeolus to teach you,”

“Who’s Aeolus?”

“Wind Deity. He’s my teacher. Master, if you will,” Kai says, using wind to dry his hair a little.

“Ooh, that’s cool,” Wind blows through my hair, drying it. “Thanks.”

Kai nods. “How about we continue to Alari?”