Estaba Enamorada De Ti (I Was In Love With You) by Ivy Z.

Estaba enamorada de ti;*

You thought you understood me so well,

Pero no sabías nada de mí.**


Blind me with tears so I wouldn’t see

That heaven was your disguise of hell;

Estaba enamorada de ti.


Egoistic is what you’ll always be;

You thought I wouldn’t be able to tell,

Pero no sabías nada de mi.


Romance is your playground and we

Go ‘round and ‘round and ‘round like a carousel;

Estaba enamorada de ti.


I was a lock but you weren’t the key;

You thought you knew me better than myself;

Estaba enamorada de ti,

Pero no sabías nada de mí


*Estaba enamorada de ti: Spanish for I was in love with you

**Pero no sabías nada de mí: Spanish for But you didn’t know anything about me