Ode to the Journey of Women by Emily H.

Ode to the Journey of Women

At her birth my
grandmother was told

the entirety of what she was to pursue.

Patriarchy mapped out her
life ’till she was old,

everything that she was
designed to do.

Abuses left women blue,

Made weak by tyranny,

Back then we couldn’t sue

for the presence of misogyny.

The ones who were in power

said ‘those women, let’s oppress’ !

Perched in the

refusing to listen to our requests.

The thankless work would

So would the sharp jabs and snides.

‘You can’t work, you’re a
freaking shrew,

That’s what they said… but turns out men lied.

Because of women gave all
they had,

we’d rise in the ranks as equals.

We were fed up and we
were mad,

our resilience is the sequel.

Because in Volume 1 we
were outcast

rejected for biology,

but societal inequity
would not last,

And we will overcome misogyny.

Those women were the

the strong feminists who kept on going.

They would act as the

For all of the rights that have since been

Dear women, a final
message from me

want to hear that sound, the remarkable clatter

For all the women who
didn’t get to see

fall to our feet and the glass ceiling shatter.


-Emily H