Divine Warrior Part 4 by Rin Phoenix

Divine Warrior: Pt 4 by Rin Phoenix

“It was the dead of night. The only audible sounds in the town of Alari was the water crashing against the shore.  That was until the sound of soft footsteps echoed through the night,” I whisper to myself as I sprint along the beach in the dark.

“I don’t think echo is quite right in that context”, Kai says from beside me. Why’s he gotta be such a killjoy?

“I don’t care”, I resume my dramatic monologue of the scene. “The Divine Warrior of Light, Xen, and the Wind Deity Apprentice, Kai, enter the small town without a soul noticing. They begin on the path, silently running and hovering across the boardwa—”. My monologue of the current scene was cut off by a man coming out of his house in a nightgown.

“Wot do yee kids doin’ up at thiss time? It be the first hour. Shaddap and let me sleep,” He groans in a thick accent. It sounds Scottish. Again, something I don’t know.

“Sorry sir,” Kai squeaks, his hands in a surrendering gesture.

“Darn right yee be,” he says while glaring us up and down before slamming the hut door on our faces. Almost a second later, he reopens the door to get a good look at me. “That sword yee got. Be it none other than the fabled Sword of Light?” He asks, pointing at the sword. I unsheathe it, showing it to him.

“I be blown, for that be a Holy Weapon,” The man stares in awe at the golden glow. It being in the dark makes it so much brighter. Almost brighter than I remember it usually being.

“That best not be a knock-off, for I’ve seen a few impressionists in my time of a Divine Warrior,” the old man’s mood suddenly changes to a more skeptical one. “How can yee prove yee be a Divine Warrior?”

“Sir, if I may”, Kai speaks up from behind me. “I witnessed her kill an imp. With my very own eyes,”

“That could be a lie, for all I know. Perhaps you could show me by killing an Imp of the Night?” The old man sounds sly, as though he could worm out an impressionist from a self-acclaimed title of ‘Divine Warrior’. I’m not sure what an Imp of the Night is, but if I could take down that other one easily, then this one shouldn’t be hard. I nod my head. “Brave one, I see. But that does not prove yee be who yee say yee are,” His tone is even more skeptical and sly than before.

“Look, I don’t know why you’re so wary of her. She’s really the Divine Warrior of Light,” Kai tries to stand up for me as though he was worried about my safety.

“It’s fine, Kai. I can do it,” I reply, looking over my shoulder.

“Confident as well. Very well, follow me to the lair of the Imp of the Night,” The old man squeezes out past us and starts walking along the boardwalk we came from. We follow him.

He comes off the boardwalk and onto the sand. There’s a rough path that trails up the rainforest covered hill. A dark mist begins to pour out of the forest as I approach. We continue into the forest. The black mist keeps wrapping around the bottom of my legs, but it keeps being blown away because Kai uses a slight wind to brush it off. The faint moonlight pours through the thick canopy of leaves, lighting up the forest in a dark cyan. It’s an interesting atmosphere. Unnerving but with a calming aspect to it.

“This cave here be the lair of the Imp. Kill it and you be the Divine Warrior of Light,” The old man points down the pitch dark cave. More dark mist doors out of the bottom. It seems this is the source of the mist. Unsheathing my sword, I trek down the path. Kai tries to follow me, but he’s stopped by the old man.

“Hold it wind boy. This be a task for the ‘Divine Warrior’,” He holds out his hand to stop Kai from entering.

“Yeah, wind boy,” I reply in a taunting tone. Kai looks slightly salty at the fact that I called him wind boy. I clamber down the path, minding any rocks that could potentially scratch me. When the steep flattens out, I properly hold out my sword in case anything will jump out at me. The tip of the glowing sword touches the dark mist. What happened wasn’t what I thought would happen. The whole mist suddenly glows bright gold, lighting up the cavern. I guess I just purified the mist.

With some light, I can now properly navigate the cave. At the end of the stretch, I hear a deep rumbling. I blow a bit of the mist in the direction of the rumbling to light up whatever was making that sound. To no surprise, it is the Imp of the Night. It is not very big. But suddenly it’s eyelids snap open to reveal big crimson eyes staring right at me. It gets up and growls a deep, animalistic growl.