Romeo and Juliet Parody Scene 3 by Romie’s Homies

Scene 3

[Cut to 3:30. Back of the school]

Romeo: Hey girl.

Juliet: Sup.

Romeo: What’s crackalackin’, my woman?

Juliet: Ummmm nothing much, you?

Romeo: Yea, I’ve been hanging with the boys. AKA Romie’s Homies. It’s a pretty lit squad.

Juliet: Ya yeet sounds litty my brother.

Romeo: So uh, anyway, I know we’ve never met before, but I’m in love with you.

Juliet: Woah, let’s just take it down a notch, m’kay? You’re cute, so maybe we could just go on a date. Sound good?

Romeo: Kay, I’ll pick you up at 6. My woman – later, my gator.

Juliet: Less than three.