Divine Warrior Part 5 by Rin Phoenix

“Good morning. Not sorry to wake you up, so let me kill you,” I say, readying my sword.
It charges at me. It must have understood. I only now realize that this Imp has ridiculously large fists. It continuously slams down its fists aimlessly, trying to hit me. It manages to hit my face once, but I quickly get back up. It has slow charges. This seems oddly easy. I continue to slash at it with large cuts, each time a deeper scar forming on its wrists. Black blood begins to pour from the cuts. It must have felt the warm liquid on its huge hands because it pulls back and starts to get angry. Somehow the scars begin to heal a bit. Slowly but gradually.
“Why won’t you just die already?!” I shout as I thrust the sword forward. A nasty squelching sound emits from the Imp. I pierced it.
“Haha! Got ya!” I scream in a weird voice. The Imp coughs up blood because I just impaled it. Fantastic, I just got black blood on my face. I wipe it off with disgust as the enemy explodes into the same black puffs as before. I inspect my sword to make sure it’s not damaged or anything. The black blood drips off the end, leaving no stain on the bright gold at all. Well, I’m finished here.
As I emerge from the mouth of the cave, there’s no one waiting for me. “Hello?” I call out into the dimly lit jungle. Only my echo replies. “You’re kidding me. They thought I would die. They doubted me,” I say in a slightly passive aggressive tone. I make my way through the path. There’s no more black mist because I killed the source of it. Finally, I’m back at the village. There I find Kai pacing—just kidding, floating back and forth anxiously. Once he sees me, he immediately relaxes.
“Thank the Gods you’re safe,” Kai sighs as he floats over towards me. “He said that I could wait here for you, but my waiting would just be wasting time because he thought you wouldn’t come back. But I said you would, so he said I could wait until morning. Now you’re back, that proves you really are the Divine Warrior.”

Kai begins to go on one of his usual rants, but I cut him off. “Kai, it’s fine. Let’s go,” I say, grabbing his wrist and pulling him along to the old man’s hut. I knock on the door and let go of Kai’s wrist. He grabbed where I held him, muttering that I hurt his wrist.
“I be blown! Yee killed the Imp of the Night!” The old man answers the door.
“How can you tell?” I ask slightly annoyed.
“Yer face be covered in black and yee smell terrible,” he says, pointing at my face. My gut drops at the fact that I’m very stinky. “But yer welcome in Alari town anytime, Divine Warrior,” he nods his head in respect.
“Hehe, thanks. But what’s your name?” I ask. I’ve been referring to him in my mind as ‘old man’.
“Me name is Caspian. I be the head of this fishing village. ‘Tis an honour to have the Divine Warrior within my town,” Caspian says. I nod my head in thanks for the compliment. “Feel free to grab a firefly lantern to take with ye. Yee only need to catch a couple,” He says, handing me an empty lantern.
“Thank you,” I smile a little bit at the gift.

Caspian nods his head. “Well, I best be off to sleep. Just try not to wake anyone, seeing as it be first hour,” he turns around and closes the door gently behind him.
“I like the fact that no one has paid any mind to you floating but me having this glow stick pretty much,” I say to Kai as we travel down the boardwalk.
“I guess. It’s a little odd, but they most likely just think I’m quite tall, seeing as you’re short,” Kai says quietly. I sock his arm for calling me short.
“Never talk about a woman’s height, mister,” I scold him quietly.

He winces at the pain.“Whatever. Just get in the water and clean yourself off. You’re all stinky as Caspian said,” Kai uses a gust of wind to blow me forward into the water. With an audible splash, I land headfirst in the water.
“You’re not supposed to make a ruckus, you idiot!” I whisper yell at Kai from behind my long, wet bangs.
“It’s for your well-being because—one, you’re extremely stinky—two, who knows where that blood has been,” Kai shudders at the thought of extremely dirty blood.
“Good point,” I stop whisper yelling and duck underneath the water, cleaning it off my face. That actually feels much better. The bruise that formed on my face from when the Imp hit me doesn’t hurt at all anymore. Does Imp blood have healing aspects to it, I wonder? But in the meantime, I scrub my hands roughly through my hair. It’s a bit thicker than I thought, but that’s not important. I make a mental note about the potential healing aspect to Imp Blood.