A Dying Reef by Rose L.

A Dying Reef By Rose L.




Across the horizon, She lies calmly,

I admire her so, a mother to them all:

The denizens of Her watery body

Are always at her beck and call.


A safe haven, She is a daisy among weeds,

As She lays, She is a home to masses.

Immobile She is, as She bleeds and bleeds,

Obstructing the horizon, until all that is seen is gases.


In the ocean, Her color is slowly fading

In the ocean, Her beauty is softly waning

Alongside her children, Her life is quickly draining

More and more until nothing is remaining.


They worry and mourn, with no home nor mother

She lies anxious, with no energy nor health

Each worry for the other, each dying on each other

To let this happen, all for the sake of wealth?


As they all are immobile, silently suffering for human gain,

Among the residents, the once strong become prey

Not noticed by up-landers, She lays in pain,

Her vitality, her life, ebbing away.


The marine animals: fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters,

Death and destruction of their only home

No sound is heard, not even a whisper

The corpses float along, following the sea foam.


Pain and suffering, a half already yielded,

Trying to protect, She burns with heat

And what was once shielded

Can only accept defeat.