Divine Warrior Part 6 by Rin Pheonix

“Well, now that you’re cleaned off, I guess we can get a spot at the Inn,” Kai says, rubbing his eyes with one hand while stretching with the other. I have to admit, he does look quite cute when doing that.

“I’m not tired. I’ve been asleep for who knows how long and I want to explore. Besides, I’m the Divine Warrior. I can defend myself,” I reply, wading back up to the beach. I think he’d be better off in the Inn anyway, seeing as I’m not going to be sleeping. Kai just shrugs and begins to float off in the direction of the Inn, I assume. “It’s hour 3 in the morning, so the sun rises in about another 2 hours. See you in the morning.”

And with that, I’ve got the rest of Alari town to myself for two hours.

After roaming around the water and finding the odd dropped coin here and there, I eventually get bored. I find myself at a small jetty that branches off into different little walkways, a few canoes scattered here and there. I assume they’re for fishing. I sit down on the end of the jetty and dangle my feet into the lukewarm bioluminescent water. Something about it draws me in. Like a pair of eyes beckoning me to the ocean floor. I should check it out. I hold my sword in my hand as a light source and dive it, not letting go of my sword.

Swirling shades of blue carry past me on eddies and currents, a few trailing along my side, almost as though they had a mind. The occasional fish would dart here and there, but then darting away as quickly as they came.

Small bursts of energy blast from my hands, pushing me along. The bursts repeatedly flicker. With concentration, I can make them stronger. Something continues to draw me to the bottom, almost an unconscious force.

I begin to near the bottom because the light of my sword reflects on the opaque ocean floor.

I don’t feel like I’m going to run out of breath anytime soon, so I scan around on the bottom of the floor a little bit. Shuffling around the sand with my feet, I unearth something hard. It’s a blue translucent crystal with intricate water-like patterns swirling around the sphere. I pick it up, curious as to what it could be. A thought comes to mind that it could be some kind of power source to Alari Town. I pocket the orb. If it was at the bottom of the ocean floor, then I highly doubt it would be of any importance to the town.

A small ripple in the water catches my attention. I swim forward and veer left, still brushing around on the ocean floor. In front of my face, I’m greeted by a fish hook. I pull at it. Immediately, I’m pulled up by a huge force. I still hold onto the hook with one hand while the other holds my sword. I continue to speed directly upwards via fishing line, not letting go. Once I’m at the top, I’m held mid-air by this fishing line. I’m currently facing away from the village, but I start slowly turning around to face the fisherman that reeled me in. Well, I should probably say ‘fisher-girl’ because the person manning this huge fishing rod is a young girl. She doesn’t seem any older than ten. She stares in awe at what she just reeled in, which is me.

“Are you a mermaid?” She asks in a soft voice, struck with wonder at her catch.

“I don’t think so,” I reply.

“Oh, okay. But then who are you?” She asks in a curious tone.

“Xen. Apparently I’m a Divine Warrior,” I shrug with my one arm that’s holding onto my sword.

“Woah! Really? That’s so cool! I just reeled in a knight of Legend! But you’re a girl? Whatever, you’re still cool!” She exclaims excitedly.

“Do you mind if you put me down on the dock?” I ask the girl, laughing a little bit.

“Whoops! Of course.” She moves the end of the giant fishing rod 90º so the hook hangs just a metre above the ground, letting me jump down.

“I’m Sarah-Jane.” The girl holds out her hand to shake it. I grab it.

“That’s a nice name. It’s nice to meet you, Sarah-Jane,” I smile at the girl. “But what are you doing up at this time? It’s really early in the morning and everyone is sleeping,”

“I always wake up this early to polish the main fishing rod for when the fishermen come down to fish later in the morning. It’s sort of my town job. But I felt like fishing this morning,” She gestures to the big fishing rod that is actually bolted to the dock, as though it’s designed to reel in huge fish.

“It looks like the sun is about to rise,” I look out upon the horizon. From between two hazy silhouettes of humongous trees on other continents and clusters of floating islands, the first crack of dawn is visible from where the sea meets the sky.