A Day in School by Angel Y.

“Derived from Middle English,  a nobody, essentially a no·bod·y, phonetically [“ˈnōˌbädē,ˈnōˌbədē], grammatically a pronoun, meaning a no person; a no one, used in a statement such as “nobody was at home”, is a synonym for no one.”

“Beautifully said, number five. Now, what do we do with this information, number twelve?”

“We should strive to impact nothing and no one in our daily lives, for we are nobody.”

“That’s right everyone, now please recite the Important Passage from the Book.”

“Nobody, the lacking essence of somebody is what you should be inspired by, to be. Being somebody is too risky; you can get called out, blamed on, or worse yet, take responsibility! Making an impact? That’s so unnecessary. After all, what’s the point? In this world, it is better to be a nobody. In this world, it is safer to be a nobody. In this world it is easier to fade into a nobody. And that is how it should be. You are nobody. You are nobody and you do not matter!

“Now, students, here are your daily theoretical questions. If someone is bullying a fellow student, what would you do in that scenario? Yes, number six?”

“You help out the student, but do not get involved. Or in this case, call a teacher.”

“Wrong. Go sit in the dunce chair. Remember what we recited earlier? It is not good to be a somebody; rather, be nobody, like number twelve. Number twelve, what is your answer?”

“Observe from a distance. After all, it does not concern me anyway.”

“Perfect! Here, have a piece of candy.”

Far in the corner from the dunce chair, “But why shouldn’t we help out the student? What if the student gets hurt?” was heard.

“Now now, number six, questions are only permitted when it contributes to the discussion. Your viewpoint obviously is twisted. I will have a talk with your parents toda-”

“Teacher. You are supposed to be past this topic already.”

“Oh, yes yes, Principal, of course. I was just touching up on this subject, that’s all.”

The squabble began with bickering and shouting and fighting, mostly from Principal. In fact, Principal was the one who was doing all of the yelling, while Teacher just cowered in fear. Then came the violence, striking actions that hailed upon Teacher, who merely exhibited a tear strewn face.

The students just watched, but the one on the dunce chair was missing.

Change stirred in the air.