The Editors

Current Editors, 2017-2018:

Amy P. 


Amy is a devoted piano and volleyball player who has an equal love for travelling and music. When she isn’t sleeping, you can find her either watching hockey or browsing Twitter. She is so thrilled to continue her role as Senior Editor this year.

Ivy Z.

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Ivy is an appreciator of art, music, travelling, brunch, and the colour millennial pink. She is constantly posting pictures of her travels on instagram and stories of food on snapchat. She also has her own blog, Casa Vancouver.

Alice Y.


Alice is a big fan of writing, travelling, and chicken nuggets. Romance stories and movies have a special place in her heart. She is so excited to be an editor this year!

Avrel F.

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Avrel loves dancing, piano, reading, baking, writing, and travelling. Her favourite books are those that can make you cry. When she is not doing all of the activities listed above you can find her binging Netflix or being with family and friends.

Little Box Child

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Howdy! The Little Box Child is a massive fan of sailing and art. As an editor of the student blog, she is excited to be able to read and reflect on other writers’ works.

Ava M.

Music, Singapore, and Harry Potter are among some of Ava’s favourite things in this world.

Georgia B.

Georgia adores makeup — so much so that she has begun a YouTube channel (GigiTV). Georgia is a huge fan of the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them”, and she is thrilled to join the editing team.

Michelle L.


One could compare her to a whale. You can definitely tell her apart from other fish in the sea as she has sudden expressive actions and is often hushed for being loud. Sometimes, the waves gets rough but she keeps on swimming. Everything whale be all right. 

Tina Q.

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Tina likes swimming and art. Her favourite movie is Despicable Me, and she is very excited to be editing for the blog.

Isa S.

“Hello! My name is Isa and I’m in grade 8. My favourite books are The Neptune Project, The Neptune Challenge, the Divergent Series, and the Reckoners Series.”

Sydney B.


“Hello, I’m Sydney and one of my passions are writing poems, other than dancing.  I am very lucky to work alongside many talents writers and amazing editors.  I am currently working on a chapbook which I am hoping to publish soon on this blog!”

Tiffany C.


“Hi, my name is Tiffany and I am an editor of Scribbles and Gibberish. I am also a writer and photographer for the blog so you will be seeing a new piece(s) from me every week. The categories of what I usually write about vary from advice to short stories. I hope you enjoy my work!”

Mallory M. 


“Hi, I’m Mallory and I’m super excited to be editing for Scribbles and Gibberish. Writing poems, dancing, skiing, and debating are some of my favourite things to do.”

Julia B.

Former Editors:

Jess C.

Maddy C.

Leily F.

Alli. H

Emily H. 

Edward H.

Abhay. K

Dina L.

Ariel M.

Zafirah. R

Sarah. W

Rachel Y.

Betty P.

Jennifer J.

Angela G.